These competitions will be conducted in four groups.  They are:

Group – 1        Age 5-7    (born between 01-01-2010 to 31-12-2012)
Group – 2       Age 8-10  (born between 01-01- 2007 to 31-12-2009)
Group – 3       Age 11-13 (born between 01-01-2004 to 31-12-2006)
Group – 4       Age 14-16 (born between 01-01-2001 to 31-12-2003)
1) Questions and Answers for Group 1
Age 5-7 :    1-50  Questions   Only 

1  )    What was the name of the angel who visited Mary to tell her that she would have a    baby and he was to be called Jesus? 

The Angel Gabriel

2)     What are the names of the first man and woman created by Jesus?

Adam and Eve

3)     What was the name of the man who owned an ark and took the animals in two by two?


4)     How many commandments are there in the Bible?

There are ten commandments

5)    What is the name of the beads that some people use to pray with?

Rosary beads

6)   How many loaves of bread did Jesus have to feed the five thousand?

Five loaves

7 )  How many fish did Jesus have to feed the five thousand?

Two fish

8)     How many days does Lent last for?

40 days

9)   What is the name of the disciple who betrayed Jesus?


10)  Why did Jesus come to earth to save us from?

To save us from sin

11 )   Who parted the Sea of Galilee?


12 )   What was the name of the garden where Adam and Eve lived?

The garden of Eden

13)     Who is the Archangel?


14)    What is Father Christmas’s saint name?

Saint Nicholas

15)   Who baptised Jesus?

John the baptist

16)    Can you name the twelve disciples of Jesus?


17 )      How did Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem?

By donkey

18 )    What is the missing word to the following song – ‘Away in a …… no crib for His bed’?


19)     What did the three kings follow to Bethlehem?

A star

20 )    What is the first day of Lent known as?

Ash Wednesday

21  )    What was the name of the Blind Beggar?


22 )    What was Zacchaeus’s job?

Zacchaeus was a tax collector

23)    Which day of the week did Jesus make Sabbath Day?


24)   Mary Magdalene washed Jesus’s feet, what did she use to dry them with?

Mary Magdalene dried Jesus’s feet with her hair

25)   What was the name of Abraham’s wife?


26 )    Who was the first King in the Bible?

King Saul

27 )   What type of bird did Noah send from his ark to look for land? 

A dove

28)   Who told Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden?

The snake /serpent

29)  What did the Angel of the Lord tell the Shepherds?

The Angel of the lord told the shepherds that Jesus had been born

30 )  Which word beginning with the letter ‘a’ also means disciples?


31)  True or false: Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan?


32) Was Jesus’ crown made from: a) Gold, b) Thorns, c) Plastic?


33 ) What is a parable?

A bible story/lesson told by Jesus

34 ) What name is the water that is blessed by a priest for use in   religious services known as?

Holy water

35)  Who was known as the King of the Jews in the Bible?

King Herod

36 )  What gift did Jesus send to the apostles on the feast of Pentecost?

The Holy spirit

37 )  Can you unscramble the following word to reveal the name of the place where Jesus was crucified: YVRALAC?


38 )  What day do Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus?

Easter Sunday

39)   Maundy Thursday honours the final what between Jesus and his apostles?

Meal (the last supper)

40) During the middle of a storm, what do the disciples see Jesus walking on: a) Sand, b) Air, c) Water?


41) What two things symbolise the body and blood of Christ during Holy Communion?

Bread and wine

42 )  God spoke to Moses from a burning what?


43)  Ash Wednesday marks the first day of what period?


44 )What happened on Ascension Day?

Jesus ascended to Heaven

45 ) The Parable of ‘The Rich man and Lazarus’ tells the story of the relationship between a rich man and a what?


46)What was the first thing that God created?  


47)Which day did God create plants?  


48)What was the boat Noah built called?  

An Ark

49)How many of each type of animal did Noah have on the ark?    


50)What is the symbol of God’s promise to Noah?  


 2) Questions and Answers for Group 2,3 and 4

Group 2  (Age 8-10):   1-60 Questions
Group 3 (Age 11-13):  1-80 Questions
Group 4 (Age 14-16): 1-100 Questions
You will be given 10-20 questions from your portion of study on the exam day and you will be expected to write down the answers. You will be given enough time to study, so make use of the time and do well in the exam and be awarded for your effort.

        100 Questions and Answers for Group 2,3 and 4


1) Who received the 10 commandments from God?


 2)What are we told to do in the fifth commandment?

    Honour our father and our mother

3)What was the name of Moses’ brother?  


 4)  What food do we ask God to give us in the Lord’s prayer?


 5)  People look on the outward appearance, but what does God look on?

       the Heart

 6)  His father gave him a coat of many colours.


 7 ) Who was thrown into a lions’ den by King Darius? This person prayed to God three times a day.


8)  This young boy defeated a giant.


 9)  This prophet was swallowed by a fish.


 10)What animal was often used for transportation in the Bible?   

Camel or Donkey

11) Who was the Son of God?


 12)  What was the name of Jesus’ mother?


 13) What did Jesus’ father do for a job?


14) Jesus told a parable about a prodigal _____.


 15)What is the shortest verse in the Bible?

      Jesus wept  (John 11:35)

 16) How many disciples or apostles did Jesus have?    


 17)Which of the apostles betrayed Jesus?  


 18)What is another name for the sermon on the mount?  

The Beatitudes

 19)What did Jesus feed to 5,000 people  

Five loves of bread and two small fish

 20)What was the name of the Sea where Jesus calmed a storm.  

The sea of Galilee

 21)What is the mystery of the Three Persons in One God?

The mystery of the Three Persons in One God is called the mystery of the Blessed Trinity.

22) What do you mean by a mystery?

It means a truth which is above reason but revealed by God.

23) Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is God the Son, who became man for us. He is true God and true man, which is also a mystery.

24) Why was God the Son became man?

He became man to redeem us from sin and hell and to teach us the way to heaven.

25) Where is Jesus Christ?

As God, Jesus Christ is everywhere. He is in heaven and in the Blessed Sacrament.

26) Had Jesus Christ any father on earth?

Jesus Christ had no father on earth: St. Joseph was only his guardian or foster- father.

27)  Where was Jesus born and when do we celebrate His Birthday?

Jesus was born 2000 years ago in a stable at Bethlehem and we celebrate His Birthday on Christmas Day.

28)  What did Jesus do just before beginning His public mission?

Jesus was baptised in the river Jordon by John the Baptist and then He fasted and prayed for 40 days in the desert before He began His public              ministry.

29)  What happened when He was baptised?

The Heavens were opened, the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in the form of a dove and a voice from heaven said; ‘This is my Son, the Beloved,           with whom I am well pleased’.

30)  Why did Jesus suffer and die for us?

Jesus suffered and died for us in order to redeem our souls from sin and eternal punishment in hell.

31)  When is the day the Church commemorates the death of Jesus?

The Church commemorates the death of Jesus on Good Friday

32)   When is the day the Church commemorates the resurrection of Jesus?

The Church commemorates the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.

33)  What do you mean by the words, ‘He ascended into heaven’?

It means that our Saviour went up Body and Soul into Heaven on Ascension Day, forty days after His Resurrection.

34)  What did the Angels say to the disciples as they were witnessing the ascension of our Lord?

“Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking up toward heaven? This Jesus, who has been taken up from you to heaven, will come in the same way as        you saw Him go into heaven.”

35)   When will Christ come again?

Christ will come again on the last day, to judge all mankind.

36)  What are the things Christ will judge?

Christ will judge our thoughts, words, deeds and also omissions.

37)  What will Christ say to the wicked?

Christ will say, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire, which was prepared for the devil and his angels’.

38) What will Christ say to the just?

Christ will say, ‘Come you, blessed of my Father, possess the Kingdom prepared for you in Heaven’.

39) When is the day Jesus will come back again to judge all mankind?

The Day of Jesus’ second coming is not known to anyone except God.

40)  If we do not know when Jesus would come back again, what are we to do?

We have to live the words of Jesus and be always ready to welcome Him.

41) What is the promise Jesus gave to His disciples just before His ascension?

The promise was to send the Holy Spirit upon them.

42) When did the Holy Spirit come down on the Apostles?

It was on the Pentecost- Sunday, in the form of parted tongues as it were of fire.

43) Why did the Holy Spirit come down on the Apostles?

To confirm their faith, to sanctify them and to enable them to found the Church.

 44)  Who is the Head of the Catholic Church?

The Head of the Catholic Church is Jesus Christ, our Lord.

45) Why is the Bishop of Rome the head of the Church?

Because he is the successor of St. Peter, whom Christ appointed as the head of the Church.

46) What are the four marks of the Church?

The four marks of the Church are: One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.

47) How is the Church One?

The Church is One because all her members agree in one Faith, have all the same sacrifice and Sacraments, and all are united under one Head.

48)  How is the Church Holy?

The Church is Holy because she is led by Jesus, who is the Holy Son of God; she teaches a Holy Doctrine, offers to all the means of holiness and is           distinguished by the eminent holiness of so many Saints.

49)  How is the Church Catholic?

he Church is Catholic, which means universal, because subsists in all ages, teaches to all nations, and is the one Ark of Salvation for all.

50)  How is the Church Apostolic?

The Church is Apostolic because she has the unbroken succession of the Apostles and holds the doctrines and traditions of them.

51)  What are the three places our souls can be judged to be in after our death?

Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

52)  What is Heaven?

Heaven is the place where we have the privilege of seeing God face to face and be united with the saints and angels of God, in perfect happiness              for ever.

53)  What is Hell?

Hell is the place where we will be cursed to be with the devil and his angels in un-quenching fire, where there will be everlasting agony, pain and            curse.

54) What is Purgatory?

Purgatory is a place where we will suffer for a temporal period of time, in accordance for the atonement of the sins we had committed on earth,               before we are made clean to enter heaven

55)  What do you mean by the communion of Saints?

It means that all the members of the Church in Heaven, on earth and in purgatory are in communion with each other as being one body in Jesus            Christ.

56)  What is sin?

Sin is an offence against God, by any thought, word, deed, or omission against the law of God.

57)  How many kinds of sin are there?

There are two kinds of sin: original sin and actual sin.

58)  What is original sin?

Original sin is that guilt and stain of sin which we inherit from Adam, who was the origin and head of all mankind.

59) What is the privilege of the Blessed Virgin Mary called?

The privilege of the Blessed Virgin Mary is called the Immaculate Conception.

60) What is actual sin?

Actual sin is every sin which we ourselves commit.

61) How is actual sin divided?

Actual sin is divided into two: mortal sin, which is a grave sin that can lead to hell and venial sin, which can be more easily pardoned than mortal            sin. But venial sin when continued can lead to mortal sin.

62) By what means are sins forgiven?

Sins are forgiven principally by the Sacraments of Baptism and Confession.

63)  What was the sin committed by Adam?

The sin committed by Adam was the sin of disobedience when he ate the forbidden fruit.

64)  Has all mankind contracted the guilt and stain of original sin?

All mankind contracted the guilt and stain of original sin, except the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Divine Son, through whose foreseen merits she           was conceived without the least guilt or stain of the original sin.

65) What do you mean by ‘the resurrection of the body’?

It means that we shall rise again with the same bodies at the day of judgement.

66)  Will Faith alone save us?

Faith alone will not save us without good works: we must also have Hope and Charity.

67) What is Hope?

Hope is a supernatural gift of God, by which we firmly trust that God will give us eternal life and all means necessary to obtain it, if we do what He         requires of us.

68) What is Charity?

Charity is a supernatural gift of God by which we love God above all things, and our neighbour as ourselves for God’s sake

69) What is Grace?

Grace is a supernatural gift of God, freely bestowed upon us for our sanctification and salvation.

70) How must we obtain God’s grace?

We must obtain God’s grace chiefly by prayer and the holy Sacraments.

71) What is prayer?

Prayer is the raising of mind and heart to God: by adoring, praising, thanking and pleading for forgiveness and all other blessings.

72) What is a Sacrament?

A sacrament is outward sign of inward grace ordained by Jesus Christ, by which grace is given to our souls.

73)  Do the Sacraments always give grace?

Yes, they always give grace  to those who receive them worthily.

74)  Should we have a great desire to receive the sacraments?

Yes, we should. Because they are the chief means of our salvation

75)  How many Sacraments are there and what are they?

There are seven Sacraments and they are Baptism, Confession, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Holy Order, Matrimony and the Anointing of                 sick.

76)  What are the sacraments that can be received only once and why?

There are three and they are, Baptism, Confirmation and the Holy Order. These can be received only once because of these Sacraments, the soul             is sealed with an indelible character.

77) What is Baptism?

It is a Sacrament which cleanses us from our original sins, makes us Christians, children of God and members of the Church.

78)  Does Baptism also forgive actual sins?

Yes,  it does forgive actual sins with all punishments due to them, when it is received in proper dispositions by those who have been guilty of                    actual sins.

79) What is the Sacrament of Confession?

Confession  is a Sacrament by which the sins whether mortal or venial which we have  committed  after Baptism are forgiven.

80) Does the sacrament of Confession increase the grace of God?

The Sacrament of Confession increases the grace of God in the soul, besides forgiving sins so we should often go to Confession .

81)  When did our Lord institute the Sacrament of Confession?

Our Lord instituted this Sacrament of Confession when he breathed on His Apostles and gave them power to forgive sins, saying “whose sins you           shall forgive, they shall be forgiven”

82)  Are any conditions required on the part of the penitent?

There are three conditions required on the part of the penitent and they are Contrition, Confession and Satisfaction.

83)  What is Contrition?

Contrition is a heavy sorrow for our sins, because by them we have offended so good a God, together with a firm purpose of amendment

84)  What is Confession?

Confession is to accuse ourselves of our sins to a priest approved by the Bishop.

85)  What is satisfaction?

Satisfaction is doing the penance given by the priest.

86)  What is the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist?

The Holy Eucharist is the true body and blood of Jesus Christ, together with His Soul and Divinity, under the appearance of bread and wine.

87)  When are the bread and wine changed into the Body and Blood of Christ?

they changed into the Body and Blood of Christ when the words of consecration ordained by Jesus Christ are pronounced by the priest in Holy                Mass.

88) Is the Blessed Eucharist a Sacrament only?

No. It is also a Sacrifice.

89) What is the Holy Mass?

The Holy Mass is the Sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, really present on the alter under the appearance of bread and wine and                    offered to God for the living and the dead

90) What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a Sacrament by which we receive the Holy Spirit, in order to make us strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ

91)  What is the Sacrament of the Holy Order?

Holy Order is the Sacrament by which bishops, priests and other ministers of the Church are ordained and receive power and grace to perform               their sacred duties.

92)  What is the Sacrament of Matrimony?

Matrimony is the Sacrament which sanctifies the contract of a Christian marriage and gives a special grace to those who receive it worthily

93)   What is the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick?

This sacrament is the anointing of the sick with Holy oil accompanied with prayer

94)    When is the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick given?

The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is given when we are in danger of death.

95)    Which are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit?

The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and the fear of the Lord.

96)   Which are the seven spiritual works of mercy?

The seven spiritual works of mercy are: to convert the sinner, to instruct the ignorant, to counsel the doubtful, to comfort the sorrowful, to bear               wrong patiently, to forgive injuries and to pray for the living and the dead.

97)   When are we answerable for the sins of others?

We are answerable for the sins of others whenever we either cause them or share in them through our own fault.

98)   In how many ways may we either cause or share the guilt of another’s sin?

We may either cause or share the guilt of another’s sin in nine ways: by counsel, by command, by consent, by provocation, by praise or flattery, by concealment, by being a partner in the sin, by silence and by defending the ill done.

99)   Which are the three eminent good works?

The three eminent good works are: Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

100) What do we mean by the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin?

By the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin we mean that by the power of God, Mary, at the completion of her life was taken body and soul into everlasting glory to reign as Queen of heaven and earth.

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